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Upload images to Instagram in Google Crome on your PC

At the time, Instagram appear to be the most popular social site to share images and videos. Most people do it on their smart phones but if you already are at your laptop or desktop its more convenient to do it there. If you have tried, you know that the site don't offer a visual option for upload when you use it from a PC, so it's not easy if you don know how to do it.

Below we will show you how its done if you use the Google Chrome Internet browser.

1. Go to Instagram and log in to your Instagram account. The link take yo there in a new tab.

2. You should see a page like tis but in your account


On the above page don't do anything else than press Control/Shift/i, all at the same time and you should see something like the image below...


The miniature image of the Instagram page you see in the image above, can represent a smart phone or a tablet like an iPad. In the image above it represents a smart phone. The little cursor that the blue arrow point at (a little gray filled circle) tells you it's a smart phone.

1. Move your cursor into the miniature image of Instagram to see that it is a smart phone simulator. If it isn't click on the little link that the red arrow points at. Move your cursor again into the Instagram image and make sure it is a smart phone simulator

2. Click on your profile picture, the one that the green arrow is pointing at and you shold see a web page like the image below...


Click on the little link with a + symbol that the arrow points at and you will see below that the + link opened your computers file hande ler from which you will be able to upload your photo, image or video.

If you do not see the + link at the bottom of the smart phone simulator, click the refrech/reload button on your browser,just to the left of where the URL goes, and you will see that it apears there.

My file hadler may look a bit different from yours, I made this tutorial in a LINUX system.