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How to start using Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Coins

Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency
This is what Wikipedia has to say about a Cryptocurrency, opens in a new tab.

Why should you be interested in cryptocurrencies now?
Very often you can see expressions like this: "The whole world is waking up to the benefits of crypto currency and decentralized blockchains." Cryptocurrencies are very hot already and you have to make sure you are not left behind.

You need a special electronic digital wallet in order to store Cryptocurrencies. The safest and best supplier of safe Cryptocurrensy wallets is Coinbase, a San Francisko based company in US. We have used Conibase for several years.

With Coinbase you can create a free account including Cryptocurrency wallets. They also offer a lot of services like selling Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrensies as well as Exchange and Trading. The account you sign up to is free and you only pay for the other services.

Go here and sign up for a free Coinbase account.

When you have got your Coinbase account, You need to verify it. It's quite easy to do if you have a fairly modern smart phone. If you have any problems with that, you can if you used the link above, contact us and call for help, see below.

How to earn some free Cryptocurrencies to start with
You can also use your new free Coinbase account to earn free Cryptocurrencies direct into the wallets Coinbase created for you when you joined. They have for a limited time short video courses with an easy test after each unit, where you can earn respective Cryptocurrency just by watching the unit video and then answer the simple test.

Earn free Bitcoins
If you want to earn for example Bitcoins from the many free Airdrops around on Internet, You can easily create a bitcoin address in your Coinbase account for that purpose. If you need help, contact us using the link below.

If you have questions or need help, go to this website, opens in a new tab, select contact and send us an email. We check this email address several times a day.