A Web Traffic Tip from Forsgrens

This tip is about using automated software with Twitter.

When we started our Twitter project, we found the manual work tedious and boring so we started to look for a smart software that could help us with getting targeted followers and un-follow people that did not follow us back automatically.

We found Hummingbird, a software program that could help us with just that. The problem with this and other similar software programs is that they can follow and un-follow people fast and in large quantities. The programmers behind Hummingbird assured that they had built the program so that it shouldn't abuse Twitter so that a user could risk having the Twitter account suspended. But we got our account suspended; you can read about all that here, opens in a new window.

Well we got our Twitter account restored with all our followers back and used Hummingbird a little while more but very gentle, just as we were doing it manually. The owners of Hummingbird could not keep up with the maintenance work needed to keep it up and running to full satisfaction so now they seem to have disappeared.

From this we have learnt that it's best to always carry the white hat and not operate in the gray zone. We have now developed routines to make the manual work with Twitter less boring and less tedious and everything works just fine. We now have around 66,000 followers.

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Although I don't recommend you to use any automated tool to operate your Twitter profile, I know that many online marketers find it too tedious and boring to do everything manually so they are prepared to take the risk of having their profile suspended. In that case I think that Tweet Adder, that you can check out here, is the least risky tool to use. But again there is always a risk that you destroy maybe the most important asset in your business.

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